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Duolingo English test Duolingo English test

Duolingo is an English language test which is used for application purposes to the majority of universities around the world and is held online; eliminating the need to attend any exam center or travelling to another country to take the exam. There’s no limit in the time for taking the test, so the candidate can sit for the exam in any time and place and receive his language certificate.
Also, Duolingo provides the university or instruction you are applying to, a video of your sample-interview, as well as a writing sample of yours, which have no effect on your test score. The entire test takes about one hour to be taken and the results are reported within 48 hours after the test.
You can also send your test result to an unlimited number of universities and institutes immediately after receiving it. Duolingo test has great credit around the world and its score is accepted in a wide range of educational institutions including hundreds of universities and colleges as a part of their application materials. >You can review the full list of Institutions Or institutions page around the world accepting Duolingo test result for application purposes.

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