IELTS placement test

IELTS speaking and writing mock

IELTS Mini Mock IELTS Mini Mock

The IELTS Online placement test assesses your current level by assessing your writing and speaking skills according to standard IELTS test criteria by experienced professors

The plcaement test include following sections:

  • 1-2 paragraph writing (at least 70 words per minute)
  • Speaking (30 secons to read question, 1-2 miunte to answer the question)
* In this test grammar, vocabulary, language structures, and correct pronunciation are evaluated.

Advantages of using IELTS placement test:

  • Online assessment without the need for a physical presence on site
  • Get the result in the minimum possible time (maximum 36 hours)
  • Correction of writing and speaking skills by specialized and experienced professors
  • Refund of test fee if you enroll in classes

IELTS speaking and writing mock

  • Test fee 1.5 USD
  • Result delivery: up to 48 hours after the test
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