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Paying the Duolingo Test Fee (Only For IRAN)

Today's exchange rate:
Update: 9 hours ago
USD Dollar: 27,802 Tomans CAD Dollar: 23,038 Tomans Euro: 34,082 Tomans

Duolingo Test fee: 49 USD Dollar

Total cost: 1,362,298 Tomans

Note: Before paying the test fee, you must be a member of the main test website.
First, please go to englishtest.duolingo.com address and sign up. Then, you can pay the test fee in this page, by entering your registration email and password in fields below. Once you have paid the test fee in Rial, we will make the test payment in your Duolingo account and you will be informed by email.

Please make sure you watch instructional video before paying the fee in Rial.

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