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Applying for the student visa in Canada requires a solid study plan which explains the following factors to the IRCC officer, who examines your application: why you aim to study in Canada, how studying in Canada can be in line with your future goals and how it can augment your future occupation. All of the applicants’ life plans should not be included in the study plan. Still, a strong study plan should be vivid, short, and concentrate on how continuing education in Canada helps you achieve your scientific and occupational goals. Indicating your connection and dependence with residential or citizenship (ties) country is a significant factor in study permit visa application. Study plan plays a key role in study permit. Writing an appropriate study plan certainly increases your chance of getting a study permit in Canada. Comma Group is honored to offer you writing study plan for Canadian educational centers by taking advantage of the most professional masters.

گروه کاما افتخار دارد با بهره گیری از بهترین متخصصان و کارشناسان، شما را در زمینه نگارش استادی پلن برای اخذ ویزای تحصیلی کانادا همراهی کند.

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